AREA | 23 ACRES (over 9.3 hectares)

SOIL TYPE | Limestone clay soil

GRAPE VARIETIES | Merlot 75 %, Cabernet Franc 10 %, Cabernet Sauvignon 15 %


HARVEST | by hand in 10 kg crates

TYPE OF TANKS | Cement + Stainless steel

AGING | 100 % french oak barrels 



By meticulously harvesting the grapes by hand in small boxes of 10 kgs in selected best hours of the day, the most robust berries are harvested at more stable sugar levels, while avoiding damage to the berries and vineyard. 

By implementing state-of-the-art temperature-controlled tanks, the fermentation and vinification processes have been perfected. Grapes are sorted and fermented in stainless steel tanks and vinified under a thermos-regulation system in French Oak barrels. The winemaking process is done in part in 20-40 thermos-regulated stainless-steel vats, then placed in 5 hectoliter Sylvain barrels, and finally in new French oak barrels.

This technique of integral vinification allows the development of wines that are full and balanced. 
Aging is then done in new French oak barrels for 60% of the production. Wine is aged between 18 and 24 months before being transferred to a second round of oak barrels. This method allows for wine to become infused with the oak wood – resulting in a round and smooth premium Bordeaux wine.